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This is an easy to use and free app to maintain and clean your Android device

This is an easy to use and free app to maintain and clean your Android device

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Program license: Free

Program by: Cheetah Mobile

Version: 7.4.9

Works under: Android

Also available for Windows


Program license

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Program by


Cheetah Mobile


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Clean Master is an app built to keep android mobile devices clean of junk and viruses, manage other downloaded apps, and boost memory for faster and smoother performance. It performs four basic tasks right from the main screen.

Clean Junk

Clean Master scans temporary files, old APKs, and the cache to find unused and unneeded junk files. One tap starts the process and another removes junk quickly and easily. It also notifies the user when their junk has piled up and is slowing down their mobile device.

Boost Memory

This can be done from within the app but also includes the option for a widget placed on the home screen. Users can see what apps are eating up memory and decide what to keep running for efficient use of RAM.

Stay Virus-Free

Another simple tap will scan downloaded apps for any malware that's infected the device. Added options include protecting user privacy by deleting browsing history and messages.

Manage Downloaded Apps

Clean Master lists all downloaded apps and APK files from outside sources so that users can delete old and unused apps.

Battery Saver

There is a hibernation feature within the app. Running apps are listed with the option to put them into hibernation and increase battery life. A widget can be placed on the whole screen to make this process even quicker.


  • Simple way to keep devices running longer and faster.
  • Clean interface for the basic tasks.
  • Widgets are available.


  • Some options require extra investigation and knowledge.

Clean Master brings forth a great solution for Android users who wish to optimize their devices. Clean Master operates in a smooth and direct manner to eliminate all sorts of unwanted files and anything else "borrowing" space in an undesirable manner.

The memory on an Android device benefits from all the newly achieved free space. The device is going to move faster and without lags.

Two other interesting features are associated with Clean Master: app management and an antivirus analyzer. The app management tool allows for getting rid of any apps not being used and the antivirus provides a report on vulnerabilities.

Clean the files that you don't want while protecting the information on your phone.

The app will boost the memory on the phone by getting rid of older files and those that aren't used. It's also an antivirus, keeping your phone protected. The app is easy to use with four program areas that include junk removal and an app manager.